Janet Tenaj &
Sven Anderson

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Black Lives Matter Tribute

Jazz is ElemenTREE

Program created by Janet Tenaj and Sven Anderson, M.M.

Latest Release

Sven Anderson

Doc's Holiday

Sven Anderson: Piano, Organ, Acoustic Guitar, Composer/Arranger/Producer
John Barron: Acoustic and Electric Bass
Rob Emanuel: Drums, Percussion, Producer
Steve Wood: Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute
Scott Cowan: Trumpet
Edward Gooch: Trombone

His Mind is hummin’ / To an African drum / He taught percussion / and just to where the sounds were comin’ from /Studied the heartbeat / of the Motherland’s way / then went on Doc’s Holiday. / In the beginning / you start to dig jazz / a world of mystery that you’ve never known / you can get down on / Think you got no sound / Doc made you stand up just to call it your own.


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